Corvette Race Goes Horribly Wrong (Video)


A Texas driver captured exactly what he expected to happen when he saw two Corvette drivers waiting side by side at a red light (video below).

The video, which was filmed in a Houston suburb, shows a Chevy Corvette C5 and a Corvette C6 racing, according to Rare.

The two drivers wait for the stoplight to change to green as the driver behind them films and narrates the video.

"Let's see how stupid these guys are," the man filming says. 

Immediately after the light turns green, the two corvette drivers speed off. Within seconds, things go completely wrong.

Both Corvettes quickly swerve on the road while trying to avoid hitting one another. This doesn't last too long, however, as the Corvettes crash into each other and go off the road into trees on the median.

Sources: Rare, TheGrowingRushFamily/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via TheGrowingRushFamily/YouTube

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