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Two Dozen Students Suspended over Facebook Post (Video)

About two dozen students have been suspended from Cowan Road Middle School County in Spalding, Ga., because of a recent Facebook post that encouraged the kids to break the dress code and fight the last week of school.

The principal of the school reportedly accused the students of "terroristic threats," but did not contact the police.

"And [the principal] was like, ‘Okay, you're a threat to our school,’ and then she suspended me,” an anonymous 7th grade student told WSBTV (video below).

That 7th-grader made the huge mistake of typing the comment "I'm in" on the comments section of the Facebook post. Any students who commented or shared the post were suspended.

What started out as a "wear red" to school Facebook post last Monday, escalated on Thursday to: “Everything they say we can’t wear, wear,” and “We need the hallways packed and out of control."

There was also use of the N-word and a warning to snitches that they would be "dead," although it's not clear if that was a literal threat.

According to WSBTV's Facebook page, the kids' post read in part:

Wednesday (is) 'Wish a n------ would Wednesday.' This is for the s---- that's been holding it in all year. Anybody that you have secretly not liked or had pressure with, let it be known! Confront and tell them to get right for Friday because it's going down!...

Thursday... Everything they say we can't wear, wear the last day of school. This is the day it gets real. @ 2:30 Thursday June 5th we need everyone to walk out where ever they are. #2:30Blowout Get your classes ready. We need the hallways packed and out of control!! We gonna have b------ fighting and twerking in the hall. We need everyone participating. No punking out ya n-------. We get it real live. We bringing it to the gym. #2:30Blowout. That snitching b----- is dead and if we find out someone ..."

Sources: WSBTV and Facebook


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