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Two Dozen Colorado Cities Roll Back Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Despite being both a pioneer and a figurehead for the legalization of marijuana, Colorado has begun to roll back the recreational sale of marijuana on the city and county level. While Gov. John Hickenlooper receives strong state-wide support for his historic legalization measures, many local governments are not in agreement.

Colorado Springs, Colorado’s second largest city, votes today on a measure to ban the sale of retail marijuana. However, public opinion is largely moot as the city government has made up its mind on the ban. Four out of nine city council members have vowed to vote against any new retailers of marijuana and Mayor Steve Bach promises to veto all recreational dispensaries within city limits.

While the government’s firm stance may make the public’s vote on the measure a moot point, the public’s opinion might also make the government’s measures irrelevant in the first place. Many suspect that residents of Colorado will simply resort to the black-market if the sale of recreational marijuana is banned.

Voters in Colorado will decide this November on the tax rates for recreational marijuana. For cities that have not fought the legalization of marijuana, the law will take effect as of Jan. 1, 2014.

Sources: Huffington Post, Denver Post


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