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Two Children Found Alone, Dirty And Hungry In Wal-Mart Parking Lot

A woman and her daughter made a disturbing discovery in the parking lot of a Seattle-area Wal-Mart.

Linda Duncan-Delgado and her daughter, Sarah Duncan, pulled into a Wal-Mart in Federal Way, Washington, on Mother’s Day and noticed a toddler running around with no adult in sight. Upon further examination, Duncan-Delgado saw the little boy was covered in dirt.

“I said this doesn’t look right, something is amiss here,” Duncan-Delgado told Q13 Fox. “I knew he was in danger, so I got out and kind of ran after him. At the same time, my daughter contacted 911.”

“The little boy had a dirty diaper that hadn’t been changed all morning,” Duncan added. “He wasn’t wearing any shoes, he didn’t have a shirt on.”

Soon after, Duncan-Delgado and Duncan were horrified when they discovered the boy had a 5-year-old sister who was also running around the parking lot by herself.

“I could tell they hadn’t eaten all day, so we took them into the Wal-Mart,” Duncan-Delgado recalled. “My daughter and I kind of cleaned them up a bit, washed their hands and face, and got them some Happy Meals.”

When police arrived, they eventually found the children's mother and her fiance asleep in two cars in the parking lot. The children were later released into their custody, but reports note the two could face child abandonment charges.

“I don’t know the circumstances or the situation,” Duncan-Delgado said. “But I think the first thing that needs to happen is to make sure those children are protected at any cost. I really believe it’s the difference between life and death. Look at this parking lot, something could have happened so quickly. It could have so easily been one of them got hit by a car, or one of them got kidnapped. So many things could have happened. Thank God they didn’t.”

Facebook users were quick to criticize the police for releasing the children back into the custody of their mother and her fiance, with one saying, “And next week on Q13 news two children found dead after being released into the care of their neglectful parents by Federal Way Police. Unbelievable.”

Sources: Q13 Fox, Q13 Fox Facebook

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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