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Two Children And 14 Dogs Found Living In Horrific Conditions (Video)

Two children were removed from a Michigan home when authorities discovered the house was in a horrible condition.

Neighbor Larry Ahee called police after becoming concerned the children living at the home in Roseville (video below).

“The issue was feces coming out of house," Ahee told My Fox Detroit. "The kids running around with no supervision; dogs barking 24/7.”

After authorities obtained a court order to enter the home, they were horrified to discover the conditions that the two children and 14 dogs were living in.

"Once we got in and we saw the conditions that's when we called protective services," Deputy Chief Donald Glandon said. "They came out and made a determination. They ultimately determined it was best to have (the )kids removed. They were placed with a grandparent. Our animal control officer and one of the Roseville police officers went over and located 14 dogs, all dachshunds in the house. It was in disarray quite frankly. Dog feces on floor, an odor that would come with large amount of animals in any closed space. Not ideal for any person or dogs.”

Police say the father was home when the search was conducted but note that he wasn’t arrested, and it doesn’t appear he’s facing any charges.

Glandon says that he hopes this will teach a lesson to others who may be overwhelmed with the condition of their home.

“Call someone," Glandon said. "There's always someone who can help. Call local municipalities, they may be able to give some suggestions on where to go someone to contact. I pray to God they get help. The kids don't deserve this. This is all about the kids.”

Sources: My Fox Philly, My Fox Detroit

Photo Source: My Fox Philly


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