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Two Central New York Men Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of Cows


Two central New York residents have been accused of sexually abusing cows on a nearby farm. 

The farmer who owns the animals caught Michael Jones, 35, and Reid Fontaine, 31, on his barn’s surveillance camera, which he set up after noticing his animals were behaving in an unusual manner. According to CNY Central, Jones was allegedly videotaping Fontaine as he attempted to have sexual contact with many of the cows on the land. 

Idaho’s Congress recently advanced a bill that would punish any individual performing unauthorized videotaping on farm land. This bill was created in order to curb the amount of animal abuse activists that pose as farm workers in order to film abuse at various farms. 

One recent case of animal abuse filmed by an undercover activist at an Idaho farm involved a farm worker, 25-year-old Jesus Garza, sexually abusing a cow. In the (graphic) video, Garza can be seen mockingly playing with and discussing the cow’s vagina. For his abusive actions, Garza ultimately spent 102 days in prison. 

Jones and Fontaine, however, were simply released on an appearance ticket for their sexually abusive crimes in New York. Their court date is currently unknown, and it is unclear what charges they face. 

The laws regarding bestiality, officially referred to as zoophilia, vary from state to state, but in New York the crime is generally treated as a misdemeanor. Several states, including Texas and Nevada, do not have zoophilia laws in place. Therefore, sex between humans and animals is essentially legal in those states. In most places throughout the world, of course, the practice is not accepted and is generally illegal. 


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