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Two Cats Discovered In Duct-Taped Garbage Bin Outside Animal Hospital

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Two cats were discovered inside a sealed and duct-taped garbage bin with no air holes on Wednesday in the parking lot of an Alabama animal hospital.  

Mission Ridge Animal Hospital employees were going about their day when they were approached by a man who had discovered the Rubbermaid garbage bin, according to the Edmonton Journal. He reportedly told employees that the bin had been left beside the hospital’s dumpster with a note.

Employees quickly opened the lid and discovered two panting cats inside. One was young and another was 21 years old, according to the note.

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“It’s fortunate he brought them in when he did because when we opened the lid, they were very hot and you could feel the heat come out,” Debra Briton, the hospital’s clinic manager, told the Edmonton Journal. “You could feel they were just desperate to come out and get air.”

In the note, the owner of the cats apologized and explained that one cat had been discovered in a trash can and another had been rescued after its mother had been hit by a car.

Though both cats are distressed, their health is currently being evaluated.

Briton attempted to report the case to the SPCA. However, since the cats were abandoned and the owner is unknown, no case could be filed.

“It’s not acceptable to leave them in a bin like that, hoping that someone would find them,” Briton said. “I’m sure if you were desperate and you went to the SPCA or any other animal facility, they would help you out.”

Briton added that there are many other ways to find animals a new home, rather than risking their lives.

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Sources: Edmonton Journal, ScoopNest

Photo Credit: Edmonton Journal Screenshots


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