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Two Black Burglars Disguise Themselves as White Cops, Get Caught Because of 'Thank You' Note

Edward Byam and Akeem Monsalvatge were arrested after robbing a check-cashing store due to their 'thank you' e-mail to the company that provided them with life-like masks, reports the Daliy Mail.

The two African-American burglars disguised themselves as white police officers with life-like masks, which they bought from Composite Effects.

After committing the alleged robbery of $200,000 on Valentine's Day in Queens, New York, Byam send a 'thank you' note to Composite Effects to praise the disguise: "I’m sending this message to say I’m extremely pleased by CFX work on the mask. The realism of the mask is unbelievable."

The Daliy Mail reports that the two men bought the 'Mac the Guy' model for about $600. They also wore gloves to cover their skin and dark glasses to hide their eyes.

While robbing Pay-O-Matic, the crooks threatened a clerk with a photograph of her home, but police traced the photograph to Walgreen's and got Byam's phone number.

Then an anonymous tip led the police to Composite Effects, which gave the cops the 'thank you' e-mail from Byam.

Byam and Monsalvatge were arrested on August 21 on charges of armed robbery and impersonating a police officer.

(Akeem Monsalvatge)

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