Father And Son Accused Of Kidnapping Girl Arrested


A father and son from Toledo, Ohio, have been arrested on allegations of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and holding her captive in a basement for at least a year.

Timothy and Esten Ciboro, aged 53 and 27 respectively, appeared in Toledo Municipal Court May 19 on charges of endangering children, torture, cruel abuse and kidnapping, according to WNWO.

The girl, who is Timothy’s stepdaughter, managed to escape on the evening of May 18 before being found by a local citizen.

The 13-year-old told police she was kept chained to a support beam by her ankle with handcuffs, forced to eat spoiled food and scraps and to relieve herself in a bucket containing ammonia.

Police Lieutenant Joe Heffernan said the girl was able to gain possession of a key for the handcuffs, which she concealed before using it to set herself free while the two men were out of the house.

When police arrived at the residence, Timothy and Esten were attempting to make a get-away in a van with Timothy’s two other children. Officers searched the home and found the handcuffs and bucket in the basement.

Both men were taken into custody and are being held on a bond of $500,000 each.

Timothy is a former firefighter. Fire chief Luis Santiago was asked if he had been a good employee.

“Obviously not,” Santiago responded, according to WTOL. “We had our share of disciplinary challenges and issues with him throughout the years. He started on the job in, again, in '96, and we're looking at a termination in the year 2000, so he wasn't here that long. But again, he certainly had his share of disciplinary issues that not only the fire department, but the city had to deal with.”

Neighbors were shocked to hear the reports of what allegedly happened to the girl.

“When we didn't see her anymore, we just figured she must've gone to her other parents or something,” said one neighbor. “We just never expected that.”

The Ciboro family were reportedly very religious.

“They didn’t want to talk at all,” another neighbor told WNWO. “They weren’t trying to get to know you.”

The three children have been taken into foster care.

Sources: WTOL, WNWO/ photo credit: Toledo Municipal Court/WTOL

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