Two Army Vets Confront Man For Posing As Army Ranger At California College (Video)


A new video posted online shows two veterans confront a man they say has been seen walking around San Joaquin Delta College in California impersonating an Army Ranger.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday, according to TheBlaze, and shows Army Veteran Kristopher Vieira and a former Army Ranger accuse an unnamed man allegedly wearing Ranger, E.O.D. and 101st Airborne tabs, along with an E-8 rank.

The confrontation appears to start out with one veteran asking, “You graduate Ranger school?”

“Yeah,” the man replies.

But when the two veterans ask him for proof of identity, he claims he wasn’t carrying it with him.

“According to A.R. 670-1, having your ID is part of your uniform,” Vieira says.

The confrontation gets personal when the man with the dark shirt revealed a tattoo on his forearm and says, “I had four brothers die with this f***in’ Ranger tat on their arm. I would appreciate it if you took that off.”

“You do realize that the 101st is not a Ranger unit?” someone offscreen adds. “You do realize that the 101st is not an E.O.D. unit?”

That’s when someone goes up to the veterans and asks them why they are bothering the man.

“Because I am a United States f***in’ Ranger and this guy is not,” the man wearing the dark shirt replies. “I had four brothers who died with this goddamn tab on their arms. And he’s wearing it and he never earned that motherf***er. That’s why.”

Vieira, the man who uploaded the video to YouTube, was later arrested by campus authorities and reportedly charged with disturbing the peace and threatening the man.

“(Vieira) approached him on several occasions and verbally went after him,” Delta police officer Jim Bock told KXTV. “He’s been counseled on each occasion to stop. There are proper ways to handle these issues.

Authorities told the station the man wearing fake tabs insists he served, and that it is not illegal to don a uniform unless the intent while wearing it is to obtain certain benefits.


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