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Two Armed Men Attempt a Robbery But All They Get Are Some Black Eyes and Jail Time (Video)

Two wannabe robbers in Virginia learned the hard way that there are certain people you just shouldn’t try to rob.

Johnny Calderon, 19, and Gerald Allen, 18, pointed a gun at two male victims and attempted to take their stuff, but they were caught off guard when the victims turned the tables and defended themselves.

The two unidentified male victims took matters into their own hands and proceeded to brutally beat the armed robbers. Police arrived on the scene to find Calderon and Allen badly beaten, with black eyes and cuts on their faces, while the two robbery victims were unharmed.

Calderon and Allen were arrested and both charged with two counts of attempted robbery. Calderon was also charged with pointing a firearm as well as using a firearm to commit a felony.

Police say that the wannabe robbers had to be taken to the hospital so that their injuries could be treated before they were brought to jail. While the actions of the victims are without a doubt awesome, authorities say they don’t recommend people try to take matters into their own hands in situations like this.


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