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Two Angry Women Trash McDonalds After Missing Breakfast (Video)

Two unidentified women recently trashed a McDonalds after being told they were too late for the breakfast menu.

According to My Fox Philadelphia, the bizarre incident happened at a McDonalds in Philadelphia where a bystander filmed the chaos (video below).

In the video, the women get into an argument with some customers and store employees.

The angry gals repeatedly try to smash a window with some chairs, but are stopped each time by an unidentified man.

In June, a McDonalds worker attacked a fellow employee outside the restaurant in Salem City, N.J., while bystanders recorded the assault (video below) instead of calling for help.

"I think it’s messed up no one came to my rescue," Catherine Ferreira told NBC Philadelphia.

Ferreira suffered two black eyes, a concussion and broken nose from the attack, which she said was spurred on by her gossip about the co-worker's dating life.

Ferreira was beaten in front of her two-year-old son, who yelled, "Mommy!"

The toddler tried to kick his mom's attacker who reportedly said, "You better get your son before I kick him in the f------- face too."

Latia Harris was charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.

Sources: My Fox Philadelphia, NBC Philadelphia


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