Two American Officers Found Dead on 'Captain Phillips' Ship

Two American officers were found dead in the Seychelles on a ship hijacked by Somali pirates.

Seychelles police reported Wednesday that two security officers, Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44-year-old former Navy SEALs, were found dead on Tuesday in a cabin of the Maersk Alabama. The 2009 hijacking of that ship was the subject of the Tom Hanks movie “Captain Phillips.”

The ship had been berthed in Port Victoria in the Indian Ocean.

The police gave no cause of death.  Maersk Line said it was investigating the deaths, but that the cause was "not related to vessel operations or their duties as security personnel."

"It's bizarre. Of course, it's a shock. They're all great guys," said Tom Rothrauff, president of the maritime security services firm Trident Group. "I'm absolutely clueless as to what happened."

According to the Associated Press, crewmembers on board the ship during the 2009 hijacking are suing Maersk Line Ltd. and Mobile, Ala.-based Waterman Steamship Corp. The event, made famous by the recent Tom Hanks dramatization, ended with Navy SEALs shooting and killing three of the pirates who were holding Capt. Richard Phillips captive in a lifeboat.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Maersk Alabama was attached again in 2009, and once each subsequent year through 2011. Armed forces had to intervene with each attack.

Sources: CNN, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times


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