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Twins Drown In Freak Accident While Mother Attempts To Swat Bee Away

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Twin babies in Yuma, Arizona, drowned in a canal after their mother accidentally let go of their stroller while trying to swat away a bee.

Alexis Keslar was walking with her 18-month-old sons, Silas and Eli, along a canal when a bee approached. As she tried to protect her babies from getting stung by swatting it away, she let go of the stroller and it began to roll away.

“The stroller rolled away from her into the canal, with the boys belted in the seats,” a police representative said on April 13. The panicked mother attempted to rescue her sons from the canal, but was unable to and the stroller was swept away by the strong current. Kesler then called authorities, and rescue workers tried for more than an hour to find the boys. They were finally taken out of the canal and flown to a nearby hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

“No parent should ever have to lose a child, you know, let alone both of them at the same time,” family friend Marlene Gleim said. “That’s what really, really is heartbreaking to me, because those little boys were, you know, meant so much to so many people.”

Authorities advised residents to be careful along the Yuma canals, as they can be dangerous. “Many people typically do not comprehend how swift the current in these canals are and how deep the water can be,” the representative said. “They also do not realize how difficult it is to climb back up many of the canal embankments.”

Sources: WREG, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: GoFundMe Page


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