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Daylight Saving Time Causes Rare Twist In Ages Of Twins

One baby boy turned out to be older than his brother despite being born after him on Nov. 6.

The reason for this apparent impossibility is daylight saving time, reports ABC News.

Emily and Seth Peterson welcomed Samuel into the world at 1:39 a.m., shortly before the clocks went back at 2 a.m. By the time Ronan arrived half an hour later, the time change had taken place, leaving Ronan with a birth time of 1:10 a.m.

“My husband was the first to say it, 'Here’s a riddle for you,'” Emily told ABC. “It literally took me a day to wrap my head around it. I didn’t realize it was quite that big of a deal until my nurse turned around and said ‘I’ve been working here 40 years and haven’t seen anything like that.’”

A spokesperson for the hospital explained that legally, it has to give the exact time of birth.

Seth seemed less surprised by the oddity.

“I said earlier that night that they were either going to be born on two different days or the time change was going to come into play,” Seth told WBS-TV.

Both babies were born healthy and have now returned home with their parents and older sister, Aubrey.

“It’s a pleasure to have such a positive story at our hospital about a wonderful young couple who will have a great tale for their sons,” Michael Lauf, CEO of Cape Cod Healthcare, said in a statement.

The anomaly could make it difficult when it comes to deciding who has the bragging rights as the oldest twin in the future.

“I personally think it’s kind of cool that one’s older and one’s born first,” Emily added. “Hopefully they’re not going to be fighting over it for the rest of their lives.”

Sources: ABC News, WBZ-TV / Photo credit: Cape Cod Hospital/ABC News

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