Twin Sisters Pass Away Peacefully On Christmas Day At The Age of 90


They came into this world together and left together.

Twin sisters Mary Dickson and Martha Dixon spent the majority of their lives depending on each other. They were born on Sept. 26, 1924, in Bear Springs, Tennessee, and married brothers Thomas E. Dickson and William Dixon.

The twins lived in the same Metro East home until they both passed away on Christmas Day — only two hours and 15 minutes apart — at the age of 90.

“They had a bond like no other,” granddaughter Amy Deconcini told KTVI. “They fought like sisters, but yet loved each other like sisters.”

Martha was a homemaker, and Mary worked at a clothing store prior to her retirement.

The family said that “Santa Baby” was playing when Mary passed away.

Mary’s husband, Thomas, changed the spelling of his last name to re-enlist in the military. After Thomas passed away, Mary would repeatedly ask her daughter, Diana Hargis, if she had found a man for her yet.

“When my dad passed away, she never really talked about him, but she kept asking me, ‘Have you found me a man yet?’” Hargis said. “And I told her two weeks ago, I said, 'Mom, if you’re really good, maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas.' And he did; he took her home to my dad.”

Deconcini was able to find the silver lining.

“For twins to go out on the same day like that, two hours apart, it’s almost like one had to take the steps to pass and then help the other one get through that,” Deconcini said. “It’s been hard trying to get things ready for the holidays … however, this was the Christmas miracle that our family needed, for it to happen together."

“Having them (pass) together was not only peaceful but broken-hearted at the same time,” Deconcini added.

Source: Fox59KTVI / Photo Credit: Screenshot from Fox2 News


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