Mother Brutally Murdered By Her Own Twin Daughters

CONYERS, Ga. – A pair of 16-year-old twins confessed to beating, stabbing and ultimately drowning their mother after a school-morning brawl.

“It wasn’t like a fight on the street, it was more like a fight until somebody dies,” Jasmiyah Whitehead recalled in her interview video.

Jasmiyah and her twin sister, Tasmiyah, said that their mother, Jarmecca, had been angry with them for running late on the morning on Jan. 13, 2010.

The girls said that their 34-year-old mother threatened them with a pot she picked up off the stove.

“She just started waving the pot around things like whatever, so I guess she was trying to hit us with the pot,” Jasmiyah said in her confession tape, adding, “We all yelling, we all mad.”

Jasmiyah went on to say that she and her sister had gotten control over the pot, when their mother grabbed a knife. The fight moved into the living room, where, even after Jasmiyah smashed a red vase over her mother’s head, the angry mother allegedly kept advancing.

Jasmiyah claims that her mom then bit her in the chest.

“She latched on to me and I tried to get her off, because it hurts,” Jasmiyah recalled. “So I’m trying to punch her. I guess that’s when Tas stabs her. She stabbed her.”

Jasmiyah was attempting to choke her mother when Jarmecca slapped her; Tasmiyah then allegedly grabbed the knife, and started stabbing her mother.

Jarmecca was still alive, though bleeding, as her daughters carried her into the bathroom. Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah drowned their mother in the bathtub.

Afterwards, the teens changed their clothes and went to school. When they returned home, they called the police under the pretenses of having just discovered the crime scene.

After months of maintaining that they were innocent, the twins were arrested for murder. They pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter, and, earlier this year, they were sentenced to 30 years in prison a piece.

In an interview with the Rockdale County District Attorney, Jasmiyah said that she had told her mother she was sorry, even as she dragged her body across the floor.

Jasmiyah has said that, in retrospect, she regrets having killed her mother instead of calling the police when the fight became physical.

“I didn’t hate her,” Jasmiyah said. “And Tas didn’t hate her either. I guess it was just the heat of the moment and the anger between all three of us.”

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