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Twin Brothers Arrested, Accused Of Raping Missouri Woman

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Two twin brothers in Missouri were arrested for allegedly raping a woman in an apartment.

Mark and Matthew Hill, both 17-year-old young men from Baytown, Missouri, were reportedly invited to their victim’s apartment to smoke marijuana, and refused to leave after she asked them to. The woman told authorities that the brothers, along with two other men, dragged her by the hair into a bedroom, held her down and raped her. 

Audio from a security camera outside of the apartment complex caught one of the men saying “I hit her with my bare hands,” “she said stop,” and “Matthew tried to rape her again.”

The men were later questioned by police and admitted to sexual contact, though they denied that the woman told them to stop. All of the suspects had differing stories regarding what went on inside the apartment.

According to the woman, at least three of the suspects raped her — including both Hill brothers — but she was unclear of the role the fourth suspect played as her head was held down.

The Hill brothers were charged with one count each of first-degree rape or attempted rape. They are being held on $100,000 bond.

Sources: KMBC, KSHB

Photo Credit: KSHB


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