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Twin 7-Year-Old Boys Fight Off Carjacker

Twin 7-year-old boys, Luis and Lucius Lozada, fought against a car thief and won.

The boys were inside their family’s gold Nissan Altima along with their baby brother preparing to go to church when the carjacker struck. Their mother, Lucia Lozada, had just come out of the house after retrieving a forgotten baby bottle.

"I went back out and I saw him walking and I smiled at him because I know him from around here because he's always walking up and down the street and he looked at me and just ran and got in the car and left," said Lucia Lozada to KSAT.

The boys did not let the carjacker get far before they fought back.

"They just knew that that guy wasn't supposed to be in the car and they were beating on him," said Police Chief William McManus.

"I was kicking him," said Lucius. "I was hitting him with a [toy] snake," added Luis.

Within ten minutes the boys got the carjacker to pull over and let them and their baby brother out of the car, reports ABC News.

“The boys told me that the man just wanted the car. He even shook their hands before dropping them off, and let them keep their tablet,” said Herminia Segovia, the children’s grandmother.

"I thank God for them that they took charge," said Lucia. "Sometimes things in our lives have to happen for us to realize what we have and not to take things for granted."

The snake Luis used to hit the carjacker with had been purchased just the day before.

"They got a snake yesterday from the store," said Lucia. "I didn't want to buy it for them, but I guess God knew that he was going to use it today."

The car was stolen by a white male in his mid-30s and he is still at-large. 

"I feel confident at this point that we will catch him, given the fact that he frequents this neighborhood," McManus said. "I don't know if he lives here or not, but the folks who live here have seen him around."

At this time the man faces a charge of vehicle theft, but additional charges may be filed in connection with the children’s abduction.


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