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"Twilight" Star Ashley Greene Snags PETA Award

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By Amy Skylark Elizabeth

Now that Twilight star Ashley Greene is the new face of Avon cosmetics, I'm switching my allegiance to Team Alice (sorry, Edward). I'm also getting a premonition that PETA is presenting a Kind Choices Award to Ashley for her decision to represent this cruelty-free company. OK, I can't really foresee things like Alice Cullen can, but the part about the award is true.

It doesn't take a psychic to know why we're so psyched about Ashley's affiliation with Avon. The company is a true industry leader: In 1989, Avon became the first major cosmetics company in the world to end all testing on animals. So here's to the dawn of a new era of Avon ads featuring Ashley! And congratulations to the lovely actor for winning PETA's award!

While we're on the subject of making kind choices, how about joining Team PETA to help animals who are used for experiments—and ordering or downloading our cruelty-free shopping guide too?


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