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12-Year-Old Las Vegas Resident Jeremy Drew Busts Cop for Parking Violation (Video)

A quick stop for coffee has turned into a hot story on the web after a 12-year-old boy uploaded his brief interaction with a police officer outside a Dunkin Donuts.

Jeremy Drew, a 12-year-old Las Vegas resident, is seen in the video asking a local officer why he chose to park his motorcycle on the curb. Although he asks for the officer’s badge number and whether an emergency situation prompted the parking decision, the unidentified officer simply shrugs off the questions.

“Are you a lawyer?” he asks in response while starting his motorcycle. 

The boy, who identifies himself and says he's a minor, repeatedly asks for the officer's badge number before telling the officer he's filming the interaction.

"Oh, you are?" the officer says, before declining to provide his badge number and driving off. 

Although he may not be well-versed in the law, the junior high student is well-versed on the internet.

Since uploading the video to YouTube roughly seven months ago, nearly 2.5 million people have viewed the original clip.

Sources: Death and Taxes Mag


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