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TWA Flight 800 Not a Gas Tank Explosion, Say Whistleblowers (Video)

A new documentary called "TWA FLIGHT 800" features six whistleblowers who claim the 1996 airline crash was not caused by a gas tank explosion as claimed by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

TWA FLIGHT 800 will premiere on the cable network EPIX on July 17, which is the 17th anniversary of the controversial airline crash (video below).

The plane mysteriously crashed off the coast of New York, 12 minutes after take-off, killing all 230 people on board.

At the time, former JFK spokesman and ABC News correspondent Pierre Salinger (and other witnesses) claimed to have seen an object possibly hit the plane.

Now, the whistleblowers claim they were gagged by the FBI and NTSB from speaking out, reports

The whistleblowers are former employees of the NTSB, TWA and the Airline Pilots Association, notes

"This team of investigators who actually handled the wreckage and victims’ bodies, prove that the officially proposed fuel-air explosion did not cause the crash," say the film’s producers. "They also provide radar and forensic evidence proving that one or more ordinance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash."

None of the whistleblowers will say for sure that the plane was shot down.

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