TV Reporter Is Shot At While Reporting On Earlier Shooting (Video)


TV news reporter Sean Delancey was shot at while reporting on a shooting in Charleston, West Virginia, last Saturday.

The incident Delancey was reporting on happened the day before.

The WCHS reporter was beginning his interview with an unidentified pregnant woman when shots rang out (video below).

“When I heard the first shot, my whole body went stiff,” Delancey told WCHS. “It was only when I got behind the car you realized how close it was because you could hear that zip.”

Fortunately, neither Delancey nor the woman was injured.

Four young men, one of whom is believed to be the shooter, were seen in the distance, noted the New York Daily News.

However, Delancey couldn't say which of the four suspects was holding the gun.

Charleston Police are still searching for the group of men.

Sources: WCHS, New York Daily News


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