TV Reporter Racially Abused By White Woman (Video)


The mother of a man who was shot by police screamed racial slurs at a black journalist reporting on location about the crime (video below).

On June 27, KCCI journalist Emmy Victor was reporting on the officer-involved shooting of 28-year-old Michael Disbrowe in Boone, Iowa. Her footage was interrupted when Disbrowe's mother approached screaming.

“Get the f--k out of here, you stupid f-----g n-----r,” Disbrowe's mother yells at Victor, according to the video.

“Ma’am, don’t ever,” Victor replies, while remaining calm as the woman walks away.

The woman then gets in Victor’s face, and while pointing her finger at her says, “I f-----g told you he was f-----g dead.”

“Don’t stand there and tell me you don’t f----n’ know,” the woman continues. “Get the f--k out of here.”

The woman proceeds to yell at the cameraman and touch his equipment. He then says it is time for him and Victor to leave.

“We’re calling the police,” Victor and the cameraman say to the woman.

The woman responds by saying calling the police is a good idea because they can shoot her, too.

“Come on right here, kill me,” the woman says to Victor.

Victor and the cameraman remained calm and composed during the incident.

Disbrowe was shot by officers after he refused to drop his gun and then pointed it at them, KCCI reports.

"Officers spend the better part of eight to 10 minutes with him trying to diffuse the situation, trying to get him to peacefully surrender but at the end of the day he drew a firearm," Mitch Mortvedt of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said.

Disbrowe was transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds where he later died.

Sources: Martin Tyler/YouTube, KCCI / Photo credit: Martin Tyler/YouTube

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