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TV Reporter Finds Missing Boy On Roof Of House (Video)

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A missing boy in Hialeah, Florida, was found after a news reporter in a helicopter spotted him on the roof of his house (video below). 

Authorities began a search for 11-year-old Angel Gort after the boy went missing, and local news stations soon started covering the story. While WSVN reporter Ralph Rayburn was in a helicopter recording video of the area where the boy lives, he spotted something on the roof of his house. 

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As it turned out, it was Angel, resting on a tarp. Rayburn said he was in shock when he first spotted the boy on the roof.

"Am I seeing what I'm seeing? OK, is that him? That's the kid, on the roof. That's the kid!" he told Inside Edition.

After spotting the boy, Rayburn announced on air it was taking action to notify authorities. 

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"We’re asking one of our people on our assignment desk to call the Hialeah Police and let them know that the child is OK," Rayburn said on air. Officers managed to get the boy to come down off the roof, putting an end to a terrifying ordeal.

"My mom is embarrassed," Angel told WSVN. "I didn’t mean to cause any trouble, and I didn’t mean to waste any of the police officers’ time."

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Angel, who has ADHD, said he attempted to run away because he didn't want to go to summer camp and got into an argument with his mother when he tried to stay home. His parents reported him missing after noticing he was gone and looking for him. He was found just two hours later. 

Angel told WSVN that he's run away in the past, but assured his parents, authorities and the public that he would never attempt anything like it again. 

"I was thinking of how hard my mom works to do this, and I just do the most stupidest things sometimes. It’s very difficult for her, and I’m proud of the patience she has for me," he said. "I was thinking of what’s going to happen. I was thinking of what I should’ve never done."

Many readers said they were glad the boy was found safe, but hoped that he'd learn his lesson for the future.

"Happy you are safe," one Daily Mail reader commented. "In the future you and your family will giggle about this event.....but for now be understanding if your parents seem sad, angry, and happy."

"Never mind him having 'embarrassed' his mum," another wrote. "His mum shouldn't force him to go to camp. I don't understand some parent's obsession with sending their kids away." 

Sources: Inside Edition via AOL News, WSVN, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Adityamadhav83/Wikimedia Commons, WSVN via Daily Mail

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