TV News Anchor Tells LGBT People to Take ‘Gaycation’


WLOX-TV news anchor Dave Elliott recently posted a private Facebook message to his friends only, but somehow it was made public.

According to, the Biloxi, Miss. newsman wrote:

I’m all for the LGBT community’s ongoing fight for equality. I support their fight in every way. But, it seems like they’ve been in the news too much lately. Maybe they should take a short break. Go on gaycation, just for the weekend. Enjoy yourselves!

In response, reports that WLOX wrote on its Facebook page:

Our station is committed to covering news that happens in our community, and issues important to our viewers — that includes the LGBT community... Just this week, we aired several stories about the LGBT community on the coast and a march to the state capitol. I would ask that you let that work speak to our commitment to ALL our viewers.

Elliott apologized for his "gaycation" remark later on his Facebook page:

I recently made an insensitive and unprofessional Facebook post regarding the LGBT community. I did not choose my words wisely and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by it. I’ve advocated for justice and equality my entire life. I hope this heartfelt apology is accepted in the spirit in which it is being made.

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