TV Chef Jamie Oliver Cries, Fails to Convert U.S. Fattest Town

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has made a name for himself by getting people to eat healthy foods. But the Brit didn't know what he was getting himself into when he tried to convert America's fattest city. It went so poorly, Oliver broke down in tears.

Oliver is in the United States filming his new series "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." He decided to go to Huntington, West Virginia, which in 2008 was named the fattest city in the country. Half of the adults in the coal-mining town are obese. The mining industry has also led to other serious health problems for residents.

But the mayor of the town shrugged off the dubious distinction at the time. “It doesn’t come up,” said David Felinton, 5-foot-9 and 233 pounds. “We’ve got a lot of economic challenges here in Huntington. That’s usually the focus.”

But Oliver decided to focus on the obesity problem anyway. He and his cameras stormed into town, despite warnings to stay away. One radio host said, "We don't want to sit around and eat lettuce all day. I don't think Jamie has anything that can change this town. He can try all he wants."

And try he did. Oliver met with plenty of folks, but they were pretty much all resistant to his ideas. Oliver got so frustrated that he broke down in tears. "'They don't understand me. They don't know why I'm here," he cried, according to London's Daily Mail.

A production source told The Sun, "His tears was the lowest we've ever seen Jamie. He is normally so upbeat but the scale of this challenge got to him. Everywhere he turned, he was face with obstacles. People were outwardly hostile to some of the ideas he put forward. He felt so alone and thought at times of packing the whole thing in."

Oliver didn't just have problems with adults. During a visit to a school, Jamie was left flabbergasted when he asked children to identify vegetables, and they mistook tomatoes for potatoes.

Oliver's show premieres on ABC on March 26th.


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