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Tucson Police Sexting Scandal: Diana Lopez Demoted for Explicit Messages

Diana Lopez, a spokeswoman for the Tucson Police Department, was demoted from Lieutenant to Sergeant recently after an internal affairs investigation revealed that she had sent racy photos and suggestive videos to an officer she was dating last summer.

While Lopez has already been reprimanded, it is believed that many other officers were engaged in, or at least aware of, this sort of inappropriate behavior. According to Tucson News Now, more than 10 other officers have been questioned in the case. There is no indication that the officer who Lopez was dating and was the recipient of the suggestive “sexts” was reprimanded for his involvement.

Lopez is certinaly not alone in her actions. Internal affairs documents reveal there was an un-named SWAT team officer who shared videos sent to him by a girlfriend with colleagues and at least two other un-named policewomen who were seen in some of the provocative photos.

The investigation began when two anonymous letters were dropped off at the Tucson Police Department and the City Attorney's office. Investigators know that it was a man who dropped off the letters, but they don’t know who he is.

The only other person besides Lopez to receive a written reprimand in the case is Captain John Stamatopoulos. According to the documents, he failed to report the incident right away and he should have.

This is no doubt a blow to Lopez’s career. Officers are quoted in the investigation as saying they viewed her as a "rising star" in the department and they thought she was "untouchable" with "unfettered access to the chief's office." Unfortunately for her, the decision to “sext” with other members of the department may have halted her rise through the ranks for good.

Source: (Tuscon News Now)


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