Turtle Taped to Helium Balloons Flies Over San Diego, CA


San Diego Humane Society officialsare trying to identify who sent a box turtle, with its little legs dangling, flying into the air in Oceanside, CA, sometime over the weekend.The small turtle was duct-taped to a cluster of two dozen helium-filled balloons.The person or persons responsible could be facing misdemeanor or felony animal-cruelty charges if identified. (Oceanside is in the northern part of San Diego County.) 

The turtle, which weighs less than a pound, was spotted about 4 p.m. on Sunday, taped to24lime-green and redballoons that became stuck high in a eucalyptus tree on Humboldt Bay Way in Oceanside,according toHumane Society spokeswoman Kelli Herwehe.

Alarmed neighbors called for emergency services' help and, according to reports, firefighters with a ladder truck were on their way up to rescue the little guy when a gust of wind dislodged the deflating balloons and he fell to the ground uninjured.

Animal care officers came to pick up the turtle and it was transported to the San Diego Humane Society offices in Oceanside, where it will remain until it is determined if an owner will claim it and all the facts surrounding the incident can be investigated, Herewehe said.

The lucky animal obviously must have had a guardian angel to get it safely through its harrowing experience, but it doesn’t end there.He, or she, has captured the heart of a woman living on the street where it landed and she wants to adopt it. Chanelle Wright told KGTV-TV she is appalled at the animal cruelty and would adopt the turtle if possible.





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