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Turtle Outsmarts Tiger Shark, Avoids Being Eaten (Video)

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A video uploaded to the Internet recently shows the moment a giant tiger shark tries to eat a turtle, though the turtle outsmarts the shark.

Randal Arouz, president of conservation group Pretoma Marine Life Discovery, filmed the fascinating footage at the Cocos Islands near Costa Rica. The Florida man explained that turtles have several strategies to avoid being eaten.

“The turtle will turn on its side, creating a shield and making it too big for the [shark’s] jaws,” Arouz explained. “Secondly, it stays near so the shark can’t turn sharp enough to catch the turtle.”

In the video, the clever turtle turns on its side to make itself too big for the shark’s mouth. As Arouz described, the turtle also swims in circles that are too tight for the shark to catch it.

Arouz added that the water was choppy, which made filming the event difficult. He also noted that he had to shoot the video blindly from above the surface over the water, since entering the water was too dangerous.

The Sea Watch Shark Boat, run by Pretoma, is currently patrolling illegal fishing practices off of Costa Rica. The practices put both sharks and turtles at risk of losing their lives.

Sources: DailyMail, Telegraph / Photo Credit: DailyMail


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