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Is Tom Brady Taking Tom Ford's Side Against Trump?

Tom Brady wore a Tom Ford-designed sweater to the Super Bowl ceremony on Feb. 6 that may be interpreted as a snub of President Donald Trump, considering the designer and new president are at odds with each other. 

The New England Patriots quarterback is a big fan of American designer Ford's creations -- particularly the brand's sneakers and suits, Yahoo! Style reports. 

The Ford sweater Brady opted to wear at the Feb. 6 football ceremony -- a wool, gray, zip-up cardigan with suede trim -- boldly places Brady on Ford's side in the feud the designer maintains with Trump. 

In November 2016, while appearing on TV Show "The View," Ford said he had turned down Melania Trump's request to dress her, saying: "She's not necessarily my image." He stated his clothes were too expensive for the then soon-to-be first lady and added he was "sad and disappointed" with the results of the election.

In January, Trump told Fox News, "I'm not a fan of Tom Ford. Never have been," and declared the American designer had never been approached to dress his wife.

By openly dressing in a Ford design, Brady may have finally chosen sides. Brady has called the president a "good friend" and they frequently played golf together. 

He also kept a "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker that, as rumor has it, may actually have been placed there by Patriots owner Robert Kraft as a joke. The athlete had also refused to comment on Trump's now-notorious "Grab them by the p***y" comments.

In November 2016, however, Brady's Wife, Gisele Bundchen, strongly denied that she and her husband support the president, tweeting, "NO!" when she was questioned by a fan. The supermodel has long used her social media accounts to support progressive causes such as the environment, The Washington Post reports.

According to the Mercury News, Bundchen recently offered a contrasting message on social media against Trump's so-called Muslim ban, which the president and his supporters say is not a Muslim ban.

Bundchen, herself a Brazilian immigrant to the United States, shared a picture of herself posing with an eclectic group of people on Instagram, stating: "The beauty of the human race is in its diversity. We are all connected and we are stronger when we come together. Only ego, beliefs and fears separate us." 

Sources: Yahoo! Style, The Washington Post, Mercury News / Photo credit: Mustang News

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