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Majority Of Portland Protestors Arrested Didn't Vote

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More than one-half of those arrested during protests against President-elect Donald Trump in Portland, Oregon, reportedly did not vote in the presidential election.

Portland Police arrested more than 100 anti-Trump protestors during large-scale downtown protests and riots on Nov. 12 and 13.

The arrests came after rioters blocked light rail lines, destroyed property and threw bottles and other objects at authorities. Portland's Resistance, the group that organized the protests, disavowed the vandalism. Some say local anarchists hijacked the peaceful protests and spurred on the violence.

State election records indicate that more than 70 percent of the detained protestors were not registered to vote in the state or did not turn in ballot.

Of the 112 demonstrators arrested by the Portland Police Bureau, 39 did not return a ballot for the Nov. 8 election and 36 were not registered to vote in Oregon. Four of those arrested were too young to be registered to vote. Only 33 of the protestors arrested had voted in the election.

Their names and ages were provided by police and then compared to state voter logs by Multnomah County elections officials, according to KGW.

The 2016 elections saw a lower national voter turnout compared to the two most recent presidential elections, according to International Business Times. In 2016, 57 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot, but 58.2 percent voted in 2012 and 61.6 percent voted in 2008.

Although the voter turnout in Oregon broke state records, with more than 2 million ballots cast, 1 in 5  eligible voters did not vote.

Local police also arrested two people in connection to a shooting during the protests. Shamar Xavier Hunter, 18, and Steffon Marquise Corothers, 18, were in a car on the bridge when they say they were provoked and shot at a demonstrator.

Corothers faces one count of attempted murder and unlawful use of a firearm. Hunter faces six charges of attempted murder and one count of unlawful use of a firearm. The individual who was shot is expected to recover, according to The Oregonian.  

The chairman of Oregon’s Republican Party has called for Mayor Charlie Hales to resign and requested Democratic Gov. Kate Brown to send in the National Guard to prevent further violence and property destruction.

Widespread protests against Trump are continuing across the U.S. Demonstrations in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles have garnered thousands of protestors.

Sources: KGW, The Oregonian, International Business Times / Photo credit: Christine Pitawanich via KGW

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