Turn Your Iphone Into A Stun Gun

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Yellow Jacket, a company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has a real treat in store for fans of the iPhone. They have begun selling a case for the phone that is equipped with a stun gun. According to the company’s website, the gun has 650 volts of shock power and is “is capable of halting an aggressive adult male.”   

Company co-founder Seth Froom came up with the idea after being robbed last year. The person who robbed Froom was armed and he thought of the stun gun case as a way of evening things up in the future, reports The Daily Mail. Yellow Jacket’s website boasts that the electric gun is a great innovation and will help to advance the cause of personal defense: “Increase your safety, increase your battery life and increase your peace of mind!”

The website offers tutorials showing users how to safely use the stun gun. Currently the Yellow Jacket iPhone 4S case is available to pre-order for $139.99, and comes in black, white, gold or pink. Cases for the iPhone 5 are also being produced and should be available later the year.

“My story is one of triumph and not tragedy,” Froom said.  Unfortunately he won’t be able to triumph everywhere, at least not yet. The company cannot send the cases to to New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin or Washington, D.C.

A video from Yellow Jacket’s website is below:

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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