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Veysi Turan Electrocutes Wife For Giving Birth To Girl Instead Of Boy

Veysi Turan, a 29-year-old Turkish man, was sentenced to life in prison by the Diyarbakir 2nd Heavy Penal Court. Turan murdered his wife because he wanted a son but the wife gave birth to a daughter.

Turan admitted that he had an argument with his wife over their second child being a girl instead of a boy. He claimed that he killed her in a fit of rage.

However, court evidence suggests that he prepared extensively for the murder. Prosecutors presented that he bought electric cable, thick rubber gloves and plugs a day before killing his wife. 

His wife, Mubarek, 33, was asleep in bed when Turan attached electric cables to her feet. He then plugged the cables in, electrocuting her to death. Doctors said that she must have woken up from the shock and suffered greatly before dying.

The presiding judges determined: “You plotted this murder in great detail well in advance of carrying it out. Your callous behavior has left two children without a mother and now no father either."

According to the independent news portal Bianet, murder rates of Turkish women increased by 1400 percent from 2002 to 2009. Through November 2014, Turkish men had murdered 253 women in gender based crimes.

Sources: Mirror, Hurriyet Daily News / Photo Source: Mirror,


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