Turkish Airlines Reverses Red Lipstick Ban After Backlash

Women across the globe were furious last month when Turkish Airlines announced that it was banning lipstick from being worn by their flight attendants. But now, the airlines is reversing its rule.

President and chief executive of Turkish Airlines, Dr. Temel Kotil, is placing the blame on "low-level managers" for making up the controversial rule.

"As to the lipstick, we had no problems but somehow low-level managers put together a paper without asking us and that paper leaked to the media and became a big issue," he said.

At first, the airlines defended the lipstick ban, saying they wanted all staff to wear neutral makeup.

But now, they are allowing their attendants to wear lipstick.

"It was not a decision actually, there's no approval," Kotil said. "This is taking us one step back but we're going four steps forward."

Turkish Airlines told its female flight attendants to go back to wearing red or pink lipstick and nail polish if they want to. 

When the ban was made public last month, many Turks expressed their disapproval on Twitter and related social media sites. Women protested it by posting pictures of themselves wearing red lipstick.

Sources: Inquisitr,Bangkok Post


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