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Turkey Crashes Through Windshield On Thanksgiving, Becomes Family's Dinner

A Lubbock, Texas, Wrecker driver had a very big surprise crash through his windshield on Thanksgiving morning: A turkey.

"It was very, very loud and I couldn't even tell you what was going on," Kameron Schrader said.

Schrader was driving over a bridge outside of Abilene when the windshield on his Peterbilt wrecker shattered, reports KCBD.

"I just had to get the truck stopped and whatever it was off of my lap," Schrader said.

Schrader discovered what had crashed through his windshield was a large bird, unlike ones he usually saw.

"By the time I got stopped, I realized it was a big ol' turkey," Schrader said. “And then kind of started thinking about it being Thanksgiving, and it was kind of ironic."

The 30-pound turkey had already passed away, and Schrader needed to decide what to do while he cleaned his truck in the cold.

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His decision was to give it to a local family.

"A little family came out and I asked them if they could use it because obviously, there's nothing I could do with it,” Schrader said. “They were pretty excited, it was a pretty good-sized turkey, so he took it up to the house and I guess they got a turkey dinner out of it."

Schrader views the entire event as an unforgettable tale, reports WTSP.

"What are the odds of hitting a big ol' turkey on Thanksgiving?" Schrader remarked, finding the humor in the entire situation.

"I got two little kids and a wife, and get home and eat some dinner and relax for a little while, and let this day wind down. I got a few more people I 'd like to tell this story to,” Schrader said.

Sources: WTSP, KCBD / Photo Source: KCBD


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