Tupac And Robin Williams Arrested In Pot Bust


New Mexico police have arrested two men for marijuana possession, one reportedly named Tupac and another Robin Williams.  

CNN reports that the two men, along with a third named Erick Harris Jr., were pulled over near Payson, Arizona, for an alleged traffic violation.  During the stop, troopers called a K-9 squad to inspect the car after observing “indicators of criminal activity.”  

A search of the vehicle turned up over 100 pounds of marijuana with a street value of around $69,000.  

The New York Post reports that Williams is a female with no connection to the now-deceased comedian.  And it is assumed that 19-year-old Tupac, whose last name is Crum, has no connection to the iconic rapper, other than a shared first name.   

The trio of Albuquerque residents was arrested and booked into the Gila County Jail on drug charges.  An investigation is ongoing. 

Sources: CNN, New York Post / Photo credit: Matthew Kenwrick/Flickr

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