Tulsa Police Hunt White Man, Shot and Killed 3 Blacks


TULSA, Okla. --- Tulsa police are hunting a white man -- supposedly driving an old pick-up truck -- who allegedly shot five black people at four different locations on Saturday.

Three of the gunshot victims are dead. Two were injured.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told the suspect: "We're coming for you." According to CNN, "a survivor described the suspect as a white man, driving an "older" white pickup truck, according to Jordan. Police Capt. Jonathan Brooks told CNN that such a truck had been spotted at at least three of the shooting sites, around that time.

"Still, Jordan indicated authorities do not know the identity of the shooter. He added, too, that a basic description of a white man driving a white truck "'alone probably accounts for 50,000 people in the city of Tulsa.'"

Although the crime seems racially motivated on the surface, Jordan says the attack isn't considered a "hate crime" just yet.

Here is more to CNN's report:


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