Tulsa Man Told He Cannot Have American Flag In His Window (Video)


An Oklahoma man is up in arms after his property managers told him that he needed to remove an American flag from his window.

James Goff has flown the country’s banner for two years now at the Riverchase Apartments in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“The United States flag, I feel, you should be free to display that anywhere, anytime you want to,” he told KJRH (video below).

His property managers, however, sent him a notice the past week that stated all residents of the complex must “remove stickers, flags, posters, and tinfoil from doors and windows.”

Having any of those objects in a window is a violation of the lease, according to the notice.

Goff said the policy regarding flags struck him as "odd."

"I could see stickers, and tinfoil and stuff like that, get those out of the window, it kind of looks tacky," he added.

According to the lease, drapes and shades “must present a uniform exterior.” However, it does not mention anything about flags being displayed in the window.

"It's not in the lease," he said. "I'm leaving the flag where it is."

According to Goff, he stands to be fined $25 for each notice he receives. Despite this, he still intends to keep the flag in the window.

The property managers at the Riverchase Apartments would not comment on the issue, according to KJRH.

Upon hearing the story, many took to Facebook to voice their comments and concerns over the issue.

“I’ve repeated this on similar issues,” wrote one user. “If you allow one flag then you must allow any and all flags […] so as a property manager/owner we say in our leases, pertaining to windows, no Flags, political slogans or signs, not different window coverings etc …We like the building from the exterior to look uniform. And it also helps keep window breakage from someone who may disagree with other people’s views.”

“I don’t think this is because it is a flag,” wrote another user. “I think it’s because it isn’t a curtain or a set of blinds and it just happens to be a flag.”

Source: KJRH, Facebook

Photo Credit: KJRH, WikiCommons


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