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Oklahoma Father Finds Dangerous Object At Park, Gets Dismissed By Park Officials

A Tulsa, Oklahoma, father found a dangerous handmade object left in a playground at a local park on Oct. 15.

According to FOX23 News, parents are upset that someone intentionally tried to hurt their children and that nothing was done to stop it.

Jason Steward, who frequently takes his daughter to Ziegler Park, was shocked when he saw the object constructed from a bottle cap and numerous nails.

“It’s disgusting to think that someone would be willing to hurt one of these little kids like that,” Steward told FOX23.

The object was reportedly left on the ground with the sharp ends facing upwards, which could have harmed someone had it been stepped on.

"The fire department is right there, so it's a safe place," Steward said. "But finding stuff like that, it really ain't safe."

Steward says he told the park officials who were there but they dismissed the incident. They reportedly blamed the pointed contraption on local teenagers and threw it in the trash. The father then notified the police, who allegedly forwarded the complaint to the Parks Department.

"The city needs to look into that," Steward said. "That's [their] job, to maintain this property, and if [they're] going to just shrug it off like that, [they] don't care."

On the FOX23 News Facebook page, several people said they believe the city needs to held responsible.

"Whichever department is responsible for the maintenance and inspection of Tulsa's parks should immediately begin a comprehensive effort to make certain those facilities are safe," one man wrote in a comment. "Because the lawsuits WILL start piling up. Just imagine the kind of injury that could result from the WEAPON in the photo."

Others believe parents are the ones who need to take precautions when taking their children to public parks.

"I always do a quick scan of the parks grounds and immediately remove any could [be] dangerous items," another person commented. "Sadly this isn't the worst thing I seen. It's not the [responsibility of the] parks dept to keep your kids safe, ITS YOURS."

Sources: FOX23 News, FOX23 News/Facebook / Photo credit: FOX23 News/Facebook


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