Fox News: Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton are ‘Hustlers and Pimps’


Fox News Host Tucker Carlson said on Sunday that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are only “self-described civil right leaders,” when they are just “hustlers and pimps.”

“I don’t know how I feel about George Zimmerman,” Carlson said as he interruped Geraldo Rivera. “But I am positive that people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do not deserve to be called civil rights leaders. They are not. They are hustlers and pimps who make a living off inflaming racial tensions. They know nothing about this. They’re not residents of Florida. They don’t represent anybody, they’re not elected to anything, they don’t have constituencies. The only reason they’re allowed to do this is because we in the press enable them by calling them civil rights leaders. Why do we do that?”

“You know, Tucker, let’s not have that debate this morning,” Rivera responded.

On Sunday, Carlson discussed the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial with pundit Ann Coulter, who said the trial never would have happened if the 17-year-old victim Trayvon Martin had not been black. She blamed hatred stirred up by Rev. Al Sharpton for the trial of “an innocent man.”

Carlson also told Coulter that when President Barack Obama was elected, he thought it meant the American people were moving forward toward better race relations, but to him this trial means they are not.

Sources: Slate, Raw Story


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