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TSA: We Find Around 5 Guns Per Day

Despite the fact that rules against bringing guns onto airplanes are quite clear, the TSA still finds "four to five" guns per day at airport checkpoints.

TSA Administrator John Pistole (ironic name) testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday to discuss general TSA matters.

"Yesterday we found six, including one at Bradley (Airport in Connecticut) -- a loaded gun with seven rounds in it, in a checked bag that (a passenger) was trying to get through," Pistole said.

CNN reports that the TSA has said that most passengers just tell agents that they forgot the gun was in their bag, and they are allowed onto their flights -- without their guns, of course.

But recently a passenger was trying to get on a plane at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport with two pistols, three ammunition magazines, eight knives and a hand saw in a carry-on bag. That passenger was arrested.

The TSA reports finding 900 guns at checkpoints so far this year. How many guns slipped through remains a mystery, though.


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