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TSA Requires Valet Parking Attendants to Search Cars (Video)

The Transport Security Administration has ordered valet attendants to search cars parked in the valet section of the Greater Rochester International Airport in Rochester, N.Y.

While cars in long-term and short-term parking lots are not searched, airport valet attendants have to check the engine, trunk and the inside of cars in valet parking on behalf of the TSA (video below).

John McCaffery of the TSA explained the policy to WHEC-TV

“Those vehicles that are in the garage, short-term [and] long-term parking, even if they carry pretty large amounts of explosives, they would not cause damage to the front of the airport," McCaffery said. "But for those who use the valet, the car could be there for a half hour or an hour so there is a vulnerability.”

There was no mention of how valet attendants are trained by the TSA to search cars.

“I have to do it,” valet parking attendant Frank Dettorre told WHEC-TV.

There is a large sign that alerts customers that their vehicle will be inspected, but some travelers claim the sign was recently put up after the searches began a month ago.

The TSA claims this warrantless search is part of an overall security plan.

Source: WHEC-TV


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