TSA Mistakes Man's Cologne for Bomb (Video)


Jean Occean, his wife and toddler were recently trying to fly from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport in Florida to Boston when TSA agents mistook the Massachusetts man's cologne for a chemical bomb.

Occean claims that TSA agents escorted him to a separate room in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport where he tested for explosive chemicals (video below).

However, the TSA later discovered it was actually Occean's cologne that set off the TSA’s electronic alert.

“My wife wore cologne from France, and she didn’t get tested,” Occean, who is from Haiti, told CBS Boston.

According to KTIV, the cologne that was mistaken for a bomb was Chanel's “Bleu.”

The TSA said in a statement that their "technology must be sensitive enough to detect even the slightest presence of explosives on a passenger or piece of luggage. Due to this sensitivity, on occasion, commonly used items can render a false positive alarm during screening."

In 2013, John Halinski, TSA’s Assistant Administrator for Global Strategies, was asked if there had ever been one person arrested or detained for terrorism via an airport whole-body scanner.

According to ConsumerTraveler.com, his answer was, "No," but he added the unprovable claim that TSA whole-body scanners kept the terrorists away.

Sources: ConsumerTraveler.com, CBS Boston, KTIV


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