TSA Makes Cancer Victim Cry By Announcing and Inspecting His Adult Diaper

An anonymous woman revealed her cancer survivor husband’s traumatizing experience at the hands of the Transport Security Administration. Airport TSA agents made the man change out of his adult diaper, which he wears due to his past illness, bringing him to tears of humiliation.

The woman wrote a post about the ordeal on the blog CafeMom. Her 36-year-old husband wears a disposable brief for his overactive bladder condition, a result of the prostate cancer from which he recovered three years ago. She wrote that he had mentioned it before during pat-downs and that no agent had ever interrogated him further.

Not this time. During a long security line a female TSA agent asked about any liquids he was carrying. The man had wet the diaper in line. He explained his condition, and the agent called over her male supervisor.

“The problem was he did not understand what an 'incontinence product' was when she told him,” the man’s wife wrote of the nightmare that ensued.

“Myself, [my husband], and the female TSA employee tried explaining a few times before the woman finally just shouted ‘HE IS WEARING A DIAPER’ which caused pretty much everyone to turn and stare at us,” she wrote.

The agent “snickered” and then told the couple that they would need to further investigate the man’s diaper for “suspicious padding.” They brought him into a room for a further patdown and made him hand over the used diaper.

She wrote that the incident brought her husband to tears, “a very very rare occasion for him.”

“Frustrating that people have to go through this in the name of security. We have neither security nor freedom now, just lots of embarrassing and frustrating stories,” she commented.

Sources: Daily Mail


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