TSA Launches ‘Fun’ Website Pages, Cartoon For Children (Video)


The TSA has launched a new section on their website for kids to “help all passengers understand what to expect when going through airport security.”

The kids’ website pages include a “fun” page, where kids can print out a word search game, color in a TSA logo and read cards featuring the TSA’s K-9 unit of dogs.

There is also an animated cartoon (video below) of a dog family walking through an airport where they are searched by polite TSA agents.

The dad dog teaches his son how to “stop, screen and go” at various TSA checkpoints in the airport.

“The TSA officers are here to keep us secure,” says the dad dog.

However, Infowars.com states this “completely deluded fairytale” does not mention invasive pat downs on people’s genitals or full body scanners, which can be very revealing.  

There have been instances in which the TSA has manhandled and scared disabled children during screenings (videos below)

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