TSA Issues Warning Against 'Opt Out and Film' Week


Infowars.com recently launched its 'Opt Out And Film' week protest, which encourages passengers to opt out of being searched via body scanners and film their experience instead.

The TSA acknowledged 'Opt Out and Film' week protest on a recent website posting, which warned passengers that police may intervene.

On its official blog, the TSA states: “We’re also aware of the Opt Out and Film week, where some are planning on opting out of the body scanner and then filming their experience. TSA respects passengers rights to exercise freedom of speech as well as the rights of fellow travelers trying to get to their destination safely and without unnecessary delay. While the TSA does not prohibit photographs at screening locations, local laws, state statutes, or local ordinances may.”

Infowars.com responded by stating: "Please be aware that since the TSA has proven itself to be a tyrannical agency, you can choose to film them at your own risk. Standing up for the first amendment is never a walk in the park and expect to be on the receiving end of official oppression in some form."

"We encourage everyone planning to engage in the Opt Out And Film protest to go ahead and exercise their constitutional rights, and ignore this overt intimidation at the hands of the TSA."


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