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'TSA Go Away Day' Protest Planned for January 1, 2014 (Video)

The conspiracy website has a public forum where members can post their own content, including activism.

On, a user with the handle "Chris" recently posted a call for a "TSA Go Away Day" protest on Jan. 1, 2014.

Chris claims the TSA agents, whom he also calls "criminals," have violated the "4th amendment of the Constitution protects citizens from unwarranted searches and seizures" and "grab or expose people’s genitals."

He writes:

Anyone in an airport among the 50 States caught violating the civil rights of passengers by illegally searching their body or property by image or brute force will be given no more than 60 seconds to vacate their post or face a citizen’s arrest and be removed from the airport.

If TSA decides to turn off backscatter machines again and not show up to work to “protect the country from those evil terrorists” that day, we will show up the following Saturday, January 4th, to make sure they stay out.

Chris has created a new Facebook page and YouTube video (below) for "TSA Go Away Day."

While that may seem extreme, there is evidence that the TSA has not been successful with its Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) program, which tries to scan airport crowds for signs that someone is a terrorist.

According to The Atlantic, the Government Accountability Office reviewed SPOT and concluded that it was a waste of $900 million dollars and should be shut down.

The TSS defended the program, which employs 2,800 TSA employees, with an unsupported claim of success: “Behavior detection is vital to TSA’s layered approach to deter, detect, and disrupt individuals who pose a threat to aviation. Looking for suspicious behavior is a common sense approach used by law enforcement and security personnel across the country and the world.”

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