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TSA Employee Saves Woman Who Fell on Subway Tracks (Video)

A TSA employee, Eddie Palacios, jumped onto the tracks of a Chicago subway yesterday and flagged down a train so that it would not hit a woman who had fallen on the tracks.

A DNAinfo Chicago employee, who happened to be at the scene, filmed Palacios waving his arms in a successful effort to stop the train (video below).

Palacios was off duty, but heading for work at Chicago O'Hare Airport when he heard yelling, noted ABC News.

"I heard somebody yell, 'She fell, she fell! You gotta get out of the way! The train is coming!'" Palacios told DNAinfo Chicago. "So I turned around to see what they were talking about."

"I looked over and saw a lady just yelling," Palacios recalled. "When I looked over, I actually thought it was a child who had fallen. They actually staggered three times trying to get up and get out of the way."

"When I saw the train coming, the first thing I thought to myself was, 'OK, I've got an orange hoodie on. They are bound to see me,'" added Palacios. "And I jumped on the train [tracks] so they can at least see me, and I'd have time [to get] the person out of the way. I was hoping someone would jump down to help them up because I could see they couldn't get up."

After the woman was eventually pulled off the tracks, she claimed she "slipped" and quickly left the scene. She was later found, placed in an ambulance and taken to a local hospital.

Sources: ABC News and DNAinfo Chicago


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