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TSA Drops Proposal to Allow Small Knives on Planes

Head of Transportation Security Administration, John Pistole, is now saying that he will drop a proposal that allows airline passengers to carry small knives, souvenir bats, golf clubs and other sport equipment onto places.

The presence of knives and other potential weapons on planes drew much criticism from lawmakers, airlines, and frequent fliers who felt they would be at risk.

In May, 145 House members signed a letter which asked Pistole to keep the current policy that disallows passengers from carrying knives and other items onto planes.

Pistole said in March that he did not believe small knives would enable a terrorist to cause a plane to crash.

He said it would free up TSA agents to focus on other, more high-threat items, like explosives.

TSA confiscates more than 2,000 small folding knives every day from passengers. 

They were planning to make the policy effective in April, allowing small knives and blades fewer than 2.36 inches in length and less than a half inch wide to be brought on planes.

Sources: Daily Mail,WZZM


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